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DeAndre Cortez Way "Soulja Boy's Emulator Console Update (RymatiCAST.com)

Rapper DeAndre Cortez Way aka Soulja Boy, pulled his new line of emulator consoles from his website less than a month after he began selling them. 

According to Soulja Boy, he stated, “I had to boss up. I didn’t have a choice,” referring to the consoles’ disappearances.

The SouljaGame console and SouljaGame handheld were available for a base price between $100 - $200. The console reportedly came with over 800 pre-installed games from the PlayStation, Nintendo Entertainment System, GameBoy Advance and more. It was manufactured by Chinese company Anbernic and could be found much cheaper on other storefronts like Amazon and Ali Express

Regardless of the situation, congrats to DeAndre on his entrepreneurial efforts! Keep up the great work!

-Richard John 

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