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Def Jam: Fight for NY Video Game 10 Year Anniversary | RymatiCAST.com / Rymatica Online

Def Jam: Fight for NY Video Game 10 Year Anniversary; Featured @ RymatiCAST.com / Rymatica Entertainment. The Video Game Was Originally Released on September 20, 2004.

Def Jam: Fight for NY was the sequel to Def Jam Vendetta, a hip hop-influenced 3D action game released for the GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The game featured several rappers, including: Lil' Kim, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, Fat Joe, Ice-T, Xzibit, N.O.R.E, Ludacris and Busta Rhymes, as well as the voices and likeness of other actors and celebrities, among them actors Omar Epps, Christopher Judge, Danny Trejo, Carmen Electra and Kimora Lee Simmons. DMX, Keith Murray, Christina Milian and Funkmaster Flex were the only artists from the original game that did not appear in the sequel. The game was spun off into a 2006 PlayStation Portable game called Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover. The game takes place in New York City.

"America's Most" - Method Man, Redman
"Anything Goes" - C-N-N
"Bust" - OutKast
"Comp" - Comp
"Flipside" - Freeway
"Let's Get Dirty" - Redman
"Let's Go" - Shawnna
"Make It Hurt" - Busta Rhymes
"Mother Mother" - Xzibit
"Move!" - Public Enemy
"O.G. Original Gangster" - Ice-T
"Pop Off" - Joe Budden
"See About Ya" - Beezle feat. Bone Crusher, David Banner
"Take a Look at My Life" - Fat Joe
"Walk With Me" - Joe Budden
"We Gon Hit Em" - Deuce, Dub and the Junkyard Gang
"What's Happenin'" - Method Man, Busta Rhymes
"Yes Sir" - C-N-N
"Man Up" - Sticky Fingaz

Not available on GameCube:
"Are We Cuttin'" - Pastor Troy
"Get Into It" - Comp
"Get It Now" - Bless
"Mama Said Knock You Out" - LL Cool J
"Nuff Respect" - Big Daddy Kane
"Pistol Grip-Pump" - Volume 10
"Poppa Large" - Ultramagnetic MC's
"Seize the Day" - Bless

Source: Wikipedia

Mario Kart 8 is now available for Wii U; Featured @ RymatiCAST.com

Developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii U video game console. It is the eighth main installment in the Mario Kart franchise, and the eleventh overall. The game was released in Japan on May 29, 2014, in Europe and North America on May 30, and in Australia on May 31.

The game continues the traditional gameplay of the franchise, in which characters from the Mario universe race against each other in go-karts, attempting to hinder their opponents or improve their racing performance using various tools found in item boxes. Returning features from previous installments include motorbikes and 12-player racing from Mario Kart Wii, as well as hang gliders, underwater racing, and vehicle customization from Mario Kart 7.

Mario Kart 8's new features include anti-gravity racing, in which certain parts of a track can allow racers to drive on walls and ceilings. 

During these sections, players can bump into other racers or special bumpers to trigger a Spin Turbo, which gives them an extra speed boost. New characters include the Koopalings, Baby Rosalina, and Pink Gold Peach. New items include the Boomerang Flower, which can attack racers on its return flight, the Piranha Plant, which attacks nearby racers and obstacles, the Crazy Eight, which gives the user eight items, and the Super Horn, which can be used both to attack nearby opponents and defend against items.

Mario Kart 8 is now available for Wii U; Featured @ RymatiCAST.com

Batman: Arkham Knight - Official Gameplay Trailer - "Evening the Odds" (RymatiCAST.com)

Batman: Arkham Knight - Official Gameplay Trailer - "Evening the Odds" (RymatiCAST.com)

Scarecrow returns to Gotham City to unite the Rogues Gallery in a master plan to destroy the Batman once and for all. 

When the citizens of Gotham are forced to flee, the remaining criminal gangs converge to take control of the city. Undermanned and overpowered, Batman aims to even the odds by bringing his legendary Batmobile to the fight. This showdown between criminal masterminds and the Dark Knight will decide the future of the city that Batman is sworn to protect.

To pre-order your copy: http://www.batmanarkhamknight.com

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Featured @ RymatiCAST.com

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Featured @ RymatiCAST.com 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gameplay Walkthrough. 
Release date : April 29, 2014 for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Gameloft Live - EXCLUSIVE First Look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pt.1

Code.org Presents: Code your own Flappy Game (RymatiCAST.com)

Code.org, which works toward getting kids into computer science, is using the simple arcade-style mobile game "Flappy Bird" to help with its mission. The organization offers free coding lessons and they're introducing an exercise on its site that invites potential programmers to create their own version of Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird was a free mobile game on iOS and Android that unexpectedly rose to the top of each store’s most-downloaded charts. After unwanted attention from game players and the media, its creator Don Nguyen removed it from both markets.
With Code.org's simple drag-and-drop tutorials you can make your own Flappy game from any web browser or tablet and share it instantly with friends. Create your own Flappy game at http://code.org/flappy

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