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Batman: Arkham Origins - Official Copperhead Reveal Trailer [RymatiCAST.com]

Batman: Arkham Origins -- Official Copperhead Reveal Trailer [RymatiCAST.com]

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment:

A new assassin has been revealed... the deadly Copperhead!
This incredibly agile and serpentine assassin is unlike any enemy Batman has faced before.


Batman: Arkham Origins: The Cast

The Cast of Batman: Arkham Origins - Producers, writers, composer, and all the voice actors confirmed to date

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Batman Arkham Origins & Blackgate News Playlist:


- PRODUCERS: Eric Holmes (Creative Director) and Ben Mattes (Senior Producer)
- WRITERS: Corey May and Dooma Wendschuh (Authors), Geoff Johns (Creative Consultant)
- COMPOSER: Christopher Drake
- VOICE ACTORS: Roger Craig Smith (voice of Batman), Troy Baker (voice of Joker), Brian Bloom (voice of Black Mask), Nolan North (voice of Penguin), J.B. Blanc (voice of Bane)


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New: Angry Birds Star Wars II ft. TELEPODS coming September 19, 2013 [RymatiCAST.com]

New: Angry Birds Star Wars II ft. TELEPODS coming September 19, 2013. Featured @ RymatiCAST.com

Rovio Entertainment:

Rovio Entertainment and LucasFilm join forces again to bring you Angry Birds Star Wars II, a sequel to the the blockbuster game of 2012! http://angrybirds.com/starwars2

The game will feature over 30 playable characters, as well as the ability to choose your side and more!

Includes Hasbro's TELEPODS technology! http://hasbro.com/absw2telepods

For the time being be sure to keep an eye out for the Return of the Jedi story, which will feature in the original Angry Birds Star Wars.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 announced, enters ring in early 2014 [RymatiCAST.com]

Capcom unveiled and dubbed the latest evolution of Street Fighter 4 at yesterday's EVO 2013 event, confirming previously reported details along the way. Ultra Street Fighter 4 introduces five new characters - the returning quartet of Elena, Rolento, Hugo, and Poison, and a mystery fifth - as well as new modes, stages, features, and lots of feedback-guided game play tweaks.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be available early next year on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC as a DLC update for either Super Street Fighter 4 or SSF4: Arcade Edition, and as a standalone retail game.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 announced, enters ring in early 2014 [RymatiCAST.com]

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