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Batman: Arkham Origins - Official Copperhead Reveal Trailer []

Batman: Arkham Origins -- Official Copperhead Reveal Trailer []

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment:

A new assassin has been revealed... the deadly Copperhead!
This incredibly agile and serpentine assassin is unlike any enemy Batman has faced before.

Batman: Arkham Origins: The Cast

The Cast of Batman: Arkham Origins - Producers, writers, composer, and all the voice actors confirmed to date

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Batman Arkham Origins & Blackgate News Playlist:


- PRODUCERS: Eric Holmes (Creative Director) and Ben Mattes (Senior Producer)
- WRITERS: Corey May and Dooma Wendschuh (Authors), Geoff Johns (Creative Consultant)
- COMPOSER: Christopher Drake
- VOICE ACTORS: Roger Craig Smith (voice of Batman), Troy Baker (voice of Joker), Brian Bloom (voice of Black Mask), Nolan North (voice of Penguin), J.B. Blanc (voice of Bane)


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