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New Xbox Console: "Xbox 1" Featured @ RymatiCAST.com

The new Xbox will be called Xbox 1. The system has a sleeker new console, a new controller and a new Kinect system. The Xbox 1 is also voice-operated and can be turned on by simply saying "Xbox on."

It takes you to a "personal home screen" and you don't have to sit and wait for game updates.

You're able to watch live Television, watch movies and surf the internet on the Xbox 1. You can switch seamlessly via voice control from Television, to games, to music, all centered on the Xbox 1.

It's a cloud-based machine sporting an improved Kinect camera, along with a re-designed controller with a new d-pad and integrated battery compartment. The console itself has a Blu-ray drive, 500 GB of internal storage and an eight-core x86 CPU paired with 8 GB of system memory. In many ways, it's similar to the make-up of the PS4.

Microsoft has announced that the live Television features coming to its newly revealed Xbox One will first be available in North America and then, will then transition into other regions after that. In a press release from the company, Microsoft noted that "live TV with Kinect Navigation, live TV with OneGuide, Trending and NFL on Xbox" will all roll out in the US "at launch," but was "anticipating global scale over time."

Microsoft also said that the Xbox One will require a separate cable box, specifying "at launch," so it's possible that the console maker has other plans to deliver television content. The Xbox One is set for release later on this year and Microsoft has not yet revealed a price.

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